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Plastic!Winchester Theater Master List

Meet the Plastic!Winchesters 

Plastic!Winchester Merchandise 

Plastic!Winchester Opening Credits

See where the *rock music plays*

(all episodes have internal links between parts and a link to the next episode)

Episode One - A haunted house is Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean's first stop as they begin their adventures and receive some help from an unexpected source.

Episode Two - Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean travel to Hudson, Minnesota to stop a coven of witches before their evil plan to take over the world succeeds.

Episode Three - The Honey Island Swamp Monster is terrifying local hikers and it is up to Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean to stop it.

Episode Four - The Plastic!Boys head to Canada to investigate what looks like a series of Sasquatch killings.

Episode Five - This episode almost has to much crack to handle. Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean battle the evil Care Bears and almost pay with their lives.

Episode Six - There is danger afoot in a Seattle woods. Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean team up with Viggo the Mountain Man to search for the cause of all the missing people.

Episode Seven - Plastic!John text messages coordinates to the Plastic!Boys and sends them to Trenton, New Jersey to hunt some trolls. Meanwhile, Plastic!Sam's visions return as he struggles to figure out why he is having them.

Episode Eight - A two-part episode that finds the Plastic!Winchesters back together and hunting as a family again. The Plastic!Family heads to Tulsa, Oklahoma to investigate a mysterious graveyard haunting that may be more than first meets the eye.

Episode Nine - The stunning conclusion to what fate awaits Plastic!Sam as Plastic!Dean and Plastic!John race to find a way to revert him back into a grown-up.

Episode Ten - Evil has again invested the Seattle woods, as Viggo the Mountain Man calls once again on Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean to help him rid the woods of an evil limerick fairy. 

Episode Eleven  - The Plastic!Boys are off to San Antonio, Texas to investigate a series of attacks that appear to be caused by a phantom attacker.  However, as with most cases, there is an unexpected twist to the tale.

Episode Twelve - Zombies.  Car Chases.  Lots of blood and gore.  Just another week of Plastic!Winchester Theater.

Episode Thirteen - There is something snatching the patrons of Swedish Eddie's Diner, so Plastic!Dean and Plastic!Sam head into the sewers to stop the monster before it can take any more lives.  Also, there is a higher warning on this episode for languange, sexual situations and violence.

Episode Fourteen - Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean head to California to stop a group of vampires who are preying on the young and stupid.

Episode Fifteen  - There is a rouge mummy on the loose in Salem and it is up to the Plastic!Boys to track it down and stop it before it curses any more people.

Episode Sixteen  - The Plastic!Boys head back to Wisconsin to look into a cursed necklace that may be helping a woman control whatever man she wants.

Episode Seventeen - Florida is the next stop on this Plastic!Road!Trip, and the boys are off to investigate a monster who is kidnapping folks off the street for his evil mating ritual.

Episode Eighteen - An old foe is tracking the Winchesters and plotting it's revenge. Will the Plastic!Boys sense the danger in time to save their own lives?

Episode Nineteen - Plastic!Sam's visions send the Plastic!Boys on a journey home to Lawrence to stop a Hellmouth from being opened in the local cemetery.

Episode Twenty - Plastic!John takes center stage as he takes the Plastic!Boys along on a hunt for a rogue hellhound.

Episode Twenty One - In the first part of the thrilling Season One finale, the plastic!boys find themselves facing off against an unexpected foe...themselves.

Episode Twenty Two - It is the thrilling conclusion to the first season of Plastic!Winchester Theater where the plastic!boys fight to regain their hunting mojo anyway they can. 

all episodes have internal links between parts and a link to the next episode)

Episode One - The second season of Plastic!Winchester Theater starts off with a bang as the Winchesters trusty Impala is turned into a woman.

Episode Two - The Plastic!Boys must protect an innocent orphan from a vicious Chupacabra.

Episode Three - It's the very first Plastic!Winchester Christmas Special!! It is sure to become and instant holiday classic.

Episode Four - When a band of kind and gentle pirates need the Plastic!Winchester Boys help, they are glad to lend a hand and go after a lost treasure.

Episode Five - Plastic!John shows up in the middle of a case and needs Plastic!Sam's help while Plastic!Dean works a case on his own. Will the Plastic!Boys ever be reunited again?

Episode Six - When Jack Bauer from 24 needs the Plastic!Boys help to save the president' rush to his aid to help out their plastic!country.

Episode Seven - The Plastic!Winchesters old friend Joshua needs their help to stop someone from reanimating a corpse. But who's corpse? And why? The answer is shocking!

Episode Eight - A visit to the historic Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California brings more than the Plastic!Boys bargain for.

Episode Nine - A werewolf threatens a town and it's up to the Plastic!Winchesters to use ever ounce of cunning they possess to defeat it.

Episode Ten - Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean travel to Metropolis where some seemingly unrelated events may be related after all.

Episode Eleven - When Plastic!John is struck with amnesia (or is he?) the plastic!boys try to re-immerse him in the hunting lifestyle to jumpstart his memory.

Episode Twelve - It's about time we finally visit the plastic!roadhouse where Plastic!Ellen has a job for the plastic!boys.

Episode Thirteen - A haunted closet may be more than it appears when the Plastic!Boys go to investigate.

Episode Fourteen - When a trip into the forest to visit the fairies turns south, the boys go to the Plastic!Road House to get back what was taken from them.

Episode Fifteen - A Voodoo cure is the only way for the plastic!boys to reverse a spell.

Episode Sixteen - The Yellow Eyed Demon!Bunny has plans for Plastic!Sam and all the plastic!children like him. However, the Plastic!Boys have plans of their own.

Episode Seventeen - When Plastic!Bobby needs Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean's help, they don't hesitate to help him out on a case. However, they have a little problem that they're going to have to bring along with them.

Episode Eighteen - The Plastic!Boys head to the Garden State to root out the infamous Jersey Devil.

Episode Nineteen - When Viggo the Mountain Man calls the plastic!boys for their help, it's off to the Renaissance Fair to investigate a mysterious sorceress.

Episode Twenty - This is the first part of the three part Season Finale. Find out what evil plans Plastic!Kripke has in store for our favorite Plastic!Duo.

Episode Twenty One - This is the second part of the three part Season Finale. Plastic!Dean races to find Plastic!Sam and figure out what mysterious force is taking his friends.

Episode Twenty Two - In the thrilling conclusion to the three part season finale, Plastic!Dean and Plastic!Sam take on the Stuffed!Axis of Evil for one final showdown.

(all episodes have internal links between parts and a link to the next episode)

Episode One - The plastic!boys head to Santa Cruz to stop a Sandman from terrorizing the dreams of their friends.

Episode Two - As Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean recover from the effects of the Sandman, Plastic!Ellen recruits the boys to break in a new demon hunter.

Episode Three - The Plastic!Boys are turned into Plastic!Girls, but that doesn't mean they get to take a break from hunting evil.

Episode Four - The Plastic!Mystery Machine breaks down on the way to a Poison concert and the gang is in for a ghostly adventure.

Episode Five - The law finally catches up to the Plastic!Boys and they're going to have to come up with a plan to get out jail.

Plastic!Winchesters: The Musical - The world of High School Musical and PWT collide.

Episode Seven - Plastic!Mulder and Plastic!Scully need the Plastic!Winchesters help tracking a demonic presence.

Episode Eight - Plastic!Ruby finally crashes into the PWT world as Plastic!Jo joins the Plastic!Boys to stop another Apocalypse.

Episode Nine: It's the Plastic!Winchester Theater Halloween Special!!!

Episode Ten: Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean meet up with a team of amateur ghost hunters to help a spirit cross over in Bonaventure Cemetery.

Episode Eleven: It's a Very Plastic Christmas as Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean head to Bobby's to spend Christmas with their friends and family.

Episode Twelve: It's to infinity and beyond!! With the help from Plastic!Doctor Who.

Episode Thirteen: Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean are in for more than they bargained for when they travel to Detroit to look into a nest of vampires.

Episode Fourteen: It's a romantic comedy. With zombies. BONUS: Commentary on 03.14 Plastic!Shaun of the Dead.

Episode Fifteen: Plastic!Troy goes to Plastic!Bobby for help when Plastic!Sam seems to have given up hope.

Episode Sixteen: Plastic!Lilith is the newest addition to the extended Winchester family, and she can't WAIT to meet her new brother Plastic!Sammy.

Episode Seventeen: Plastic!Dean is on a mission to stop the next Apocalypse and he'll get some help from a couple of unlikely sources.

Episode Eighteen: Dean is going to Hell to save the world from an unnamed evil.

all episodes have internal links between parts and a link to the next episode)

Episode One - The fourth season of Plastic!Winchester Theater gets back to the basics as the boys go on an ordinary hunt that turns out to be anything but.

Episode Two - Plastic!Sam's physic powers return and the plastic!boys begin a journey to understand what that means for them.

Episode Three - The Plastic!Winchester go on a Halloween Adventure!!!

Episode Four - Happy Plastic!Winchester Thanksgiving!!

Episode Five - The Plastic!Boys are called to Forks, Washington to look into a nest of vampires.

Episode Six - The thrilling conclusion to the Twilight adventure!!

Episode Seven - After receiving some troubling news, Plastic!Dean wonders if the world would be a better place without him.

Episode Eight - The plastic!boys head out to stop another seal from breaking and end up working an entirely different case.

Episode Nine - Don't bet your future // on the roll of a dice // Better remember // lightning never strikes twice // I gotta get back in time.

all episodes have internal links between parts and a link to the next episode)

Episode One - When Bobby has an accident the boys have to fight their way through a zombie invasion to get to him.

Episode Two - Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean head to Miami to help Dexter and Deb Morgan with a serial killer.

Behind the Scenes with Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean

Previously on Plastic!Winchesters (Episode Eight Video)

Baby!Sam and Baby!Dean Go to the Beach (Video)

Spoiler PSA with Plastic!Dean and Plastic!Sam 

Another Wee!Adventure (Video)

YouTube Birthday and Get Well Videos 

The Plastic!Winchesters Buy the Supernatural DVD's Part One 

The Plastic!Winchesters Buy the Supernatural DVD's Part Two

The Plastic!Winchesters Watch 02.01 In My Time of Dying - the Season Two Episode Premiere

Behind the Scenes - The Making of PWT (a behind the scenes look at the process of making an episode)

Three Commentaries on Selected PWT Episodes

Pictures of the Plastic!Winchester "Rock Music Plays" button in various Supernatural inspired settings

Plastic!Asylum - the England fangathering

Plastic!Upfronts 2007

The Plastic!Winchesters' Texas Adventure - A Few Good Men

Plastic!Winchesters Theater: WinchestMidwest Edition

PWT: The Vancouver Adventure

April Fools - Plastic!Grey's Anatomy

The 78th Annual Plastic Awards

Sweet Charity 3 - Plastic!Jared and Plastic!Jensen on the set of PWT

Outtakes from Episode Three

Outtakes from Episode Seven

Outtakes from Episode Nine 

Bloopers from Episode Thirteen


Plastic!Winchester icons made by other people 

[12] from Episode One

[15] from Episode Two and [4] Love Bars

[16] from Episode Three

[9] from Episode Four

[9] from Episode Five

[9] from Episode Six

[19] from Episode Seven

[11] from Episode Eight

[18] from Episode Nine 

[4] from Episode Ten

[7] from Episode Fourteen made by arielspirit


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